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FROM THE BAKER'S DOZEN: 2007 Ronnie Hall - This project has 13 songs. 10 are originals, 7 of which were penned by Hall. Total time is 48'42". Production and sound quality are outstanding. Hall sings in a first-rate, high baritone voice with a naturally soulful delivery. He adds smoke and gravel when he needs it. Throughout the CD, the backing musicians play exceptionally well. The CD opens with Hall's "7th Son," an infectious, medium tempo rocker that tells about the plight of a 7th son. "Fat Chance" follows it, a joyous funk tune penned by bassist Bill Rowe. Saxophonist Mike "Reed" Mulford and guitarist Steve Hitt take banner solos. The horn section blazes. Rowe's boss funk bass lines are essential to the song. "Try Something Out On Me" grabbed my attention on the opening riff. That rocker tells a nifty story.


Hall recorded Shake Russell's "Deep In The West," in Kingston, Jamaica to a laid-back reggae beat. He used top Jamaican studio musicians. That arrangement works exceptionally well. Written by Hall, "Without You Here" is a melancholy love ballad that shows off his fine voice. Hall's original, "The Telephone Don't Lie," is a great "she done me wrong" blues song that features some dandy sax work by Cloris Grimes. "Black And Blue" is a catchy Hall original that features some fine Hammond B-3 work by Travis Doyle. Hall's "Naked Woman" is the story of every man's life and every woman knows it well. Penned by producer Leo O'Neil, "Life Is Good" is a richly textured horn driven song. The full of life lyrics make this a fine closer for a stellar CD. Highest recommendation.

  From the Baker's Dozen